Thursday, July 16, 2009


I tell you, when the energy level is high, I just don't know when to stop.

I received this lovely fabric from Jane and just didn't know what to do with it till now. Since I am in love with nine patch quilts these days, this will make a lovely quilt. I am going to use white sashings for these squares.

Jane sent this along with a very pretty little quilt that sits on the table in the kitchen here at the cottage. It is very admired I tell you.

I will have a variation of these colours in the

quilt as I go along and maybe can find some

white with little dots or flowers to just set

it off.

I am on a roll I tell you.

I also made a couple of bags in about an hour, cut and finished too. I lined them as the first ones I made didn't have the thickness I wanted. They are sturdy, but don't have the stability look of these one. So easy and the second one even got a pocket....See the photo with the staging of said bag.

It will probably be given away this weekend as

I am taking them home to get an opinion of what

can be done to them to enhance their use.

I actually think I will put side pockets in them

too. That would be good for shopping etc.

I found the straps at Fabricland for $.23 per metre....I took everything they had and have it in blue and beige...This is fun. The strapping was about $1.99 it was a great find.

I think I may make some deeper ones next, but using the same style as this. The will make great gifts when we go to dinner at friends..

Since I was on a roll today, I pieced all the remaining blocks I had left over of the black quilt I made. Oh and speaking of the quilt. I got two rows reversed, so I must take it apart. I hope it isn't going to be too much work.. I am an expert at picking, but it's not my favorite thing you know. I didn't know of the error,didn't see it as it's so busy until I looked at the blog photo...You don't want to know what I said....

I am writing this in the evening awaiting my sweetie to come in from the workshop...He has lots of energy too these days...a good thing we are going home for a few days to learn to relax again.

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