Monday, September 21, 2009


Don't even ask how stupid I am! I have been trying to download photos since last week only to realize just this minute that I must have pressed the "edit html" button on the blog and then did something else and lost the ability to download photos.

OMG! I have been so frustrated, even deleted Picasa from the computer (am going to reinstal) and can't even mention how many times I tried to post a photo!

Oky doky then. See the little houses? Well I happened to mention to Helen that I had seen this little house quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts and said that I thought this was the cutest thing for her granddaughter who loves little houses and paper dolls! So of course, she has been "playing house " this weekend. Her creative juices are in full swing when it comes to her grandkids. I just love the houses and she has her templates of course and is so organized. After I post this, I am on my way over to her cottage to see what else she's doing! I can walk over because the
neighbours who don't like us to walk on the island aren't there so we are all enjoying the path .

The second photo is fabric that I purchased last time in the city to make a couple of quilts for the boys in my heart! I haven't a clue what I'm going to do but, I had Alex (granddaughter) pick this out. I also have red to add to it. Man, what I do should be called disorganized creative quilting! Honestly, why do I do that? Anyway, the boys will be pleased to get "boy" quilts for their laps.

The little westie pillow was done by Helen for my sweetie! He helped her sweetie put in a new shower at her cottage and since we have the wonder dog Wilson, she made this little gem!

Iam finishing a coin quilt which I am stippling quite close together. It's the swanky Chez Moi from Moda. Gosh that company sure puts together lovely stuff. I should have that ready in a couple of days.

It's great to be back in blogland as you know, you all make my days complete!
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