Saturday, September 26, 2009


When we awoke this morning, the sky looked like this!

So we decided that the red sky in the morning meant only one thing....bad weather was coming.

So we are leaving the lake today sometime. Before we cross the lake in bad weather as we
don't have protection from rain on the boats.

We are tough!

See the plant hanging from the deck? It started
out looking like an ordinary plant. I think it's
related to the petunia family. I don't know, but
one thing for sure, it sure grew over the summer
and is now over 6 ft hanging there and still
blooming and growing. I am going to buy one
next year for sure. I had some daisy type planter that has been long gone and you know I spent so much money on those planters!

The basket with bidens and million bells is still in full bloom. But since we are heading home for a few days, I think that we will have frost so that will be the end of the flowers for this year. Sigh!

Now what do I put in that box? I received this
from my sister in law Kim for my birthday. She
gave it to me last weekend. It matches some of
the sofa cushions that I covered this summer.

She didn't know I had that pattern in the great room.
How cool is that?

And Mary who bought me this watch in the summer and actually kept it for a couple of months gave me this a couple of weeks ago.

I have this thing about watches. "Nana, not another watch" is what the Olympic girl said this
morning when she called.....I must have about 15
watches, almost all of them run too! None are very expensive, but the main thing in the last
few is that I can see the time without having to
search for my glasses!

This one I can see without even stretching my arm out....I love it.

I received money from the sweetie to do with what I want....Fabric for sure.

Thanks so much for sharing this birthday with me! I am touched!
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