Friday, September 25, 2009


When I started this little quilt last year out of just scraps of this and that, I was thinking a lap quilt is all.
Of course things change when I start thinking and the brain gets really thick! Oh yeah, this photo looks so amazing doesn't it? It's supposed to look awesome because I decided to do something different in my "free motion quilting" thing.
Remember a few days ago I mentioned a site
called by that name? Well she is doing 365 days
of free motion designs......Yeah, and this one
is supposed to be easy. How hard can the
"beginner" level be? I says to the slow moving
brain yesterday.

This is supposed to be "sea grass" or some such thing as for the life of me I forget and am too embarrassed to go back and look at the real thing on her blog.....Not only that, but for the first time since this is a small quilt, I decided to add a piece of what would have been the front to the back.
Well, now I think that the back looks better than the front. I just didn't think I should photo the back but now, it looks better and better.
I finished the binding in bright (oh yeah, bright)
yellow to take away from the free motion (sic)
quilting I did.
Ok, here's a hint to anyone attempting something
like this.....try a 12" square instead of 3 ft square
dahhhhhhhh! I did practice for about 45 minutes
and on a small piece of scrap, I was booting it at
a great pace, you know steady, meandering (I
think that's her word not mine!) and thought
it was time to "go for it"
Lesson....try to just do the sashing as the "sea grass" for starters!
Lesson...Don't show it to the sweetie. "It looks like a signal flag!"....."Oh you messed up with the back did you?"....."Oh it looks good!" (Too late for any sucking up now .......sweetie)
He is heading to the dock with a glass of wine for me....fat chance of THAT happening.....oh, geez, I probably need two of those!

On a lighter note, we are heading home next week for a few days, so I will have a break to renew my "creative" juices...OMG!
Oh, and a happy birthday to me tomorrow, along with about 8 other people I know. But none as old as me....who cares?

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