Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When I started this quilt, I think I was in a
great place for creating. Not only did it turn
out better than I expected, but it really is so
just plain pretty!

I used up one 1200 yds roll of thread give or take a bobbin or so. Just to do the stippling was 12 bobbins! Thank goodness for the Janome winding of spools, it is so efficient!

I had a hard time deciding to even just open the Jelly Roll, let alone what I was to do with it! I decided to do a coin quilt. I used one of my
favorite fabrics for the backing in yellow. It really makes the quilt look kind of delicate even
though it's fairly bright.

Oh and I tried to photograph it sort of like BGH magazine front.. oh well it's finished. It took me almost three days to just do the stippling because I decided to do it close.

I have another sort of coin quilt top to finish as it was started with scraps of left overs in the winter and speaking of the "W" word, I must move along because I think we will have only a few weeks left here at the cottage.

I was sewing this afternoon and looked out the
window and noticed that this tree turned colour
overnight! OH OH!

We started out with thunder and lightning to
go with the rain this morning, but this afternoon
wow!, The sun is out and a light breeze to dry
the deck and it's truly beautiful.....70 degrees and
it's almost September birthday.

We are heading to the dock for the rest of the afternoon since it's so sunny down there!

thanks for stopping by!

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