Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Before the new neighbours left for the week, they invited a few of us for dinner on Sunday night. Now our hostes is a vegetarian...Well she does eat fish and chicken making sure that her girls who are also veggies get the proper amount of protein to their diets.
Anyway, she served the most amazing beef tenderloin (she sure knows good beef) wrapped in procuito and portabello mushrooms with some secret spices I am sure...So absolutely yummy I tell you.
Best of all her darling guy who always brings her flowers such as those glads that you see in the photo, that now grace my kitchen table and is the most knowledgable guy about wine that we know here at the cottage, and come to think of it anywhere. So Helen, who was there too has decided along with me that we could seriously become red winos!
Kent served a french wine that is called Rasteau and I have no idea the cost, but both Helen and I are heading to the wine store to look it up. I am writing the name here so that I never forget what it's called...Think of Rasta ....you know and it wil stay in my head for a good while. He also had a few other wines, he could reply the country, the areas it came from and where one could get it in the liquor store. He did say that the french Rasteau may only be in stores that have what is called "vintage" wines...
Kent also brings both Helen and I flowers all summer. Isn't he just special? Young guy too and so full of energy! So thanks for the wine lessons!
I am just about finished stippling my coin quilt....14 bobbins so far so you know I've been busy with close work. I told my sweetie to come look at the work this morning and said that I had stippled westies in my work! He said I needed a break as I was seeing things! No, honestly, I did a few westies in the quilt and it was easy. I am now, after making 15 quilts and stippling most of them pretty good at it now, so my next one will be kind of loopy.
I have a few more tops to finish and am also done the nine patch squares for the second round of nines with Crazy Mom Quilts! I am going to add white borders to the Oh Cherry Oh! because the white will make me more comfortable putting all those patterns together. I do think I will make them a narrow sashing though as it's better than too big a sash.
It's a warm but rainy day at the cottage today, so it's a good day to quilt. I wish my fingers didn't get so sore hand working, but Penny from Harmony Hopes suggested getting some soft surgical tape to put on my finger. I am heading to Huntsville, so will look for it at Shoppers Drug Mart. A good suggestion.
Oh and I am planning Thanksgiving which is October 10th weekend for us here in Canada. I hope I can find a large turkey this week and keep it frozen for the next couple of weeks. We are planning on a gang of teens, so they eat!
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