Thursday, October 20, 2011


 We woke up around 4 am to so much noise from the winds, only to realize we were once again without power!

Not only that, but our boat was sitting sideways in the dock area.  The wind and rain on the lake actually caused two of our dock lines to break! 

We couldn't go down to see if there was any damage done, because of the winds and the gusts.  We awaited day light to
find this.   The propellor actually saved
the boat because it achored itself in the

So, my sweetie is having another busy day securing our life here at the cottage, and on his birthday too!

The motor was raised and our boat was then gently pulled over to the dock and secured with new ropes.

I've been saying that the water was very
low, well here is a photo of our beach!  Actually the water is usually up to the top of the blue steps till September, when the water from our lake is diverted to continue the use of the Trent Canal system.

 Amazing that in this day and age, a hundred year old tradition is still in use, and we suffer from it.

Now, we are comfy due to the wood stove,
the beloved generator, and of course my
guy doing his best.

Yesterday, was a great day at the machine.  I tell you, I made lots of big bags and little bags to fit into them.

They are a sight.  I used a shower rod to hold them in display as I have no room in my little corner.

Now, I'm going to buy some little zippers to make more of the little bags as they have multiple uses.

The saving grace of today is that it actually isn't cold, just raining.  The winds are calming by the hour and our neighbours are still coming up to close their cottage. 

Hopefully we will have "the hydro" back up by the time they arrive.

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