Friday, October 21, 2011


Our weather conditions are fit for neither man nor beast these days, but here at the cottage both are being kept busy doing little jobs.

My sweetie has been keeping the generator going in the day time and our wonder dog is so wanting exercise that he has been going up to the workshop to supervise the job.

We are still without power, not to be daunted, last night's dinner was baked potatoes (microwave), then made hamburgers with fried onions to finish off the mains, and as we have lots of pickled beets, we added those.   Not the best of meals, but it tasted so good considering I am able to only use one burner at a time .

Today, the first of our company arrives.  Bob and Mary are here as the advance party to prepare for the week end feasts.  We should have power by this afternoon.  Am making pizza dough in anticipation.  If we don't have power, well maybe the BBQ will help us through this.

Our neighbours have closed their cottage and have just left. Their dog however, wanted to stay here with my guy.

 We are in our last week of living here.  After this, we are off to house sit for Bob and Mary, for a few weeks, then off to Panama City Beach Florida.   An adventure awaits us.

Favourite things Friday is on holiday, but if I was posting this week, I'd say the generator and the guy that makes it work is absolutely my FAV.

NB>  In the last 20 minutes, the power came back on, we started the dishwasher, washing machine and the heater is on in the sun room.  The neighbours weren't even gone five minutes when Helen (just arrived at another dock) shouted to them that the power had just come they came back and finished their cottage and are now on their way home till next spring.   It's like we wait 15 minutes and life changes.....a big thanks to Hydro One for their efforts.
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