Monday, October 17, 2011


 Yesterday, our neighbours left with the top down, faces into the wind and went for it!

Their dog Mac wasn't so keen though, he's not a fan of boats, but he went because that's where the family was..

There will be a return to close for the season later this week, because without power it is difficult to drain and winterize.

Here we are day three of the storm, well it has diminished to the point of just windy and choppy out on the lake.

Inside, it is cozy as we have this wood stove which gives us the warmth required for even the coldest of days, however, there is no going into the sunroom without heaters.   It's just too cold because that room has no insulating.   Those big windows don't have any of the R factors needed.

We have lots and lots of wood.  We have food, so what more do we need?

The power was supposed to come on last night....nope, now the report says maybe 4 pm today.

There are about 200 customers without power.  Here in Ontario, we call it "hydro" it is the name of the company that provides us, so everyone has come to call it "the hydro".

The hydro is still off is what we are telling Bob and Mary who were supposed to arrive on Saturday...So not today then either.

So, (sew) I am knitting my little fingerless gloves.  What else is there to do? 

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