Wednesday, October 19, 2011


First, let me say KayJay at My Fat Quarter is having a big giveaway...go see her. I don't know how to must be easy though as everyone does it....just not me.

We now have our power back.  First thing  I did was turn on the dishwasher, then loaded the washing machine, turned that on while my sweetie turned on the heaters in the sun room.

It truly is amazing what we take for granted.  I tell you I try to not forget how
wonderful electricity is.

I cut out and made the first bag on Tuesday afternoon.  I also added the little pouch to go inside it.

I didn't have any strapping that matched, so made my own which, by the way is simply three inches of fabric, halfed, then pressed to the inside again so that the selvages don't show.

I hope that the recipient loves them.

A few more man bags are required, so I've done a couple more.  I bought the grey strapping which was 60 Cents a metre on sale at Fabricland.

I'm using up so many scraps!  I am going to run out of zippers for sure, but I plan to cut more of the smaller bags to insert into these larger bags.

I could never go into production to make any money as I can do a little here and there and then I have duties to do you know, such as put wood in to the stove to keep us warm.
I don't know how people get an etsy business going.  I'm good to make a few a day, never mind even a quilt...

This last bag is for my granddaughter who is at Ottawa U.  She has a computer bag of this fabric.  It's from Liz Claiborne fabric.

Anyway, we are winding down our stay at this place.  The season I feel is coming to a close.  We are planning to be here till the end of the month.  Our neighbours to the east are leaving next week.  That will leave just us.  Everyone on our island has closed up.

Yesterday the dog and I took a walk along the shores of the island to see that even the hardy youthful owners have packed up and left.  It's the water levels more than weather I suspect, although the storms of November do rock and roll the water.

The winds have changed to the east.  Good for me!  The sunroom will be cozy warm, and I can sew.  More rain is coming for the next couple of days.  It's everywhere isn't it?

I don't care.   I'm happy because we have a gang coming for the weekend.  I'm getting ready for that. 

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