Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I have a few quilts that are, well, extras!  I made some of them years ago, hung on to them because of the fabrics really.  I liked the fabrics!  Does that happen to you?

The top right hand one is from my original purchase at Value
Village (like Sally Anne) and I kept this quilt because the back is from a sheet and I loved the little flowers, but my tastes have changed, I am culling and these are "extras" I think.

One of them is quite large, a big double, from the days when I had my Janome 600, new to my life of a quilter.

The others are just, well, others.
But how does one say to a friend, um, do you want one of these for your home?

My darling Kelly has so many, and a lot of those are ones picked up by granddaughter.  (I need to borrow this one Nana)...

I have more quilts around here at the cottage, but there is no room on the shelf.  

I really am stressing over this.  Maybe my other granddaughters would like one or two.

I have written about my friend Helen a few times, she of the teaching patiently to this person, and how extremely talented she is in most things.  This is a paper shoe!  She made this as a stress relief in the winter, and then made about a dozen of them as a table setting for a dance at her community centre!  Yes, she has a big talent.   I love this little shoe!  Never can I ever wear heels again, so looking at it is of memories gone forever!

At the cottage, we get such boring sunsets at times!  Haha, they are sometimes so spectacular that many people post on our FB page about the lake.  Well Sunday night, this was ours from our deck!  The photo does not do it justice, because it was hard to tell the sky from the water.

We have set up our sunroom, so my days of quilting are about to begin.  I hope we get some warmer weather soon.  Where is spring?

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