Monday, May 2, 2016


Art, it is the beauty in the eye of

The artist Joaquin Sorollo y Batista, Spanish, is one of my favourites of all time.  This painting was done in the early 1900.  

The one I have is a print similar to this is also a beach scene.  I picked it up about 30 years ago, had it for ages, never thought to frame it as it was a $10.00 purchase at a frame shop that was going out of business.

I finally had it framed about 10 years ago and I love it.  It always reminded me of my daughter although she is my only girl.  I should take a photo of it to post sometime.    The artist reminded me of Andrew Wyeth, who is also one of my favourites.

The second little picture is from Sanibel Island artists.  There must be a tonne of shells there as people are always posting photos of their painted shells.   I think they mainly use markers which would get pretty expensive I think because the markers are not happy to paint on shells as they get roughed up.

But, I have shells here and do plan to get paints to colour them up.

Another chilly, (alright cold) day.  We have a breezy east wind which does not lend itself to warmth.  So we are staying inside mainly with the wood fire burning.  

Spring cleaning is in my thoughts, mostly here we cull and cull some more as for some reason we seem to get "stuff" and wonder where to put it all.   I cleaned out my clothes closet today although, I had started it last fall before we left for Florida.  I didn't miss anything that I put in the box, so it is off to Sally Anne.

It is good to be writing again, and I have noted that some of my favourite blogs have also gone on hiatus.  I totally understand that sometimes we just run out of stuff to write.   

Have a great day, and please send warmth to our little piece of heaven....7 days till humming birds return.
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