Sunday, May 1, 2016


 When we returned to the cottage, the sunrises are always a source of amazement that we are so fortunate to have come to this place.

Our lives are so much at peace here.  We work harder here than we would if we were in the city scene, but would not have it any other way.

Each spring brings new ideas, new projects, but as is the case when life takes over, many of these do not get done.

But, the beauty on the right is my summer project to do.  When Old navy has sales, I will be there to buy all the flip flops I need to make the wreath.  It is so cute and I got it from a craft site some time over the winter.  I love it.  

I also will be making a memory quilt for my niece, who has given me two huge bags of her daughter's baby clothes.  I will be starting that little project as soon as we can access our sunroom which looks like a storage room at the moment.

The lake is quiet, not many people have come back for the season as yet.  Actually, the weather has not been warm enough for any but the most hardy souls.  (that is us)  We have a warm wood fire on most of the time, as we await the true spring weather.

Good to be back.

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