Friday, March 16, 2012


 Once again, it is Friday, and time for fav things.

This sweater which I made for my darling daughter Kelly is a tweedy brown wool.  I love it and am sure she will love it too!

It's a surprise for her.  She doesn't
check the blog much in the winter
as I haven't done much here.

I am posting the close up as it is so lovely in person, as most things are.  That touch feely thing, right?

I am now also knitting my final project of the Florida season which is a sweater for Jeremy, the
guy at the Florida winter training 
camp.  Tough life he has, fun in the
sun doing what he loves to do best.

This is our bedroom at the moment.  Not too shabby.  We are enjoying glorious sunshine in the low 80s which my sweetie is moaning about...It's so hot is his daily's gonna be a hot one!  Well what do you expect....Sunshine and more sun

Our sweet dog has acquired an ear infection!  We were at the vet's a couple of days ago and he is in full recovery mode.

Apparently, westies and some such dogs are susceptible to this because of the humid weather.  Well, he is on the mend now, with me having to pounce on him when I must do the dirty deed of cleaning the ears etc.  He is smart and hides under the bed to keep away from me.

Our days are winding down for sure.  Our food stuffs are dwindling and we will be eating out for a while it seems once we leave here till we find another abode.

OK, another ad.  I lie a bit, but have been saving them.
Free!  Yorkshire Terrier....the little bastard bites!   This was a true one!
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